What is TÜV SUD ?

TÜV SUD is a german well known regulatory body for certification. Their engineers and technicians control all sorts of machines, check their proper operation, compliance with standards, and help owner and manager to continuously improve the safety of the device.

In France, ever since February 2008, the thrill rides must undergo a thorough technical inspection every year. We have a list of 13 control offices approved by the French state. Therefore it is by choice that we turned to this German control entity, renowed to be the most drastic in Europe, especially by the long experience in the sector that have their experts.

Thus, it is controlled every year by TÜV SUD, certifying that our equipment is indeed compliant with EN 13814 (equipment for amusement parks and fairgrounds). If zero risk does not exist in theory, we selected the best regulatory body that allows us to provide the safest experience.