A ride from the next generation

The attraction was designed, developed and manufactured by KMG. Located in the Netherlands, this manufacturer has established itself as a true industry leader by offering robust, original and attractive rides under the most advanced safety standards.

The Air One Maxxx is a prototype, and was put in service in 2012. To date, it is still unique in France, and there is only one other copy in the world. The attraction is certified by the very drastic TUV Munich, and is still followed by the manufacturer.

Technical features

The Air One Maxxx is an impressive steel monster with its 98 ft. high. However, this ride requires only two semi-trailers to be moved and set up in less than a day. Peak velocity creates a peak power arround 56 kW (the equivalent of thirty washing machine operating at the same time!). This electric power is then converted into mechanical power by a motor allowing the amazing oscillation of the arm.

Footprint (L * l * H)59 * 39 * 98 ft.
Power140 A, 400 V
Capacity24 persons
Transport2 semi-trailers

The quality of engineering deployed on this attraction allows it to achieve a extraordinary functional density ratio. By its rectangular wheelbase of 39 by 59 ft, the floor space to be allocated, based on the visual impact created by the ride, is derisory.