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Air One Maxxx is a unique amusement ride with a new experience, 24 passengers swing up to 98 ft. while the electric driven seats rotate 360 degrees around the vertical axis. This way passengers look inwards or outwards during the ride cycle ! The V-shape pendulum gives to Air One Maxxx a robust and impressive appearance.

This website will allow you to discover more about this amazing ride: its technical specifications and statistics, where and when you can find the Air One Maxxx, and also to enjoy a virtual ride.

City friendly Safe thrill Fun for all
The ride's light and aerial structure can fit with all the landscapes that can offer a city. Our flexibility makes any implantation possible. Our attraction was built with the latest safety standards (EN 13814) and is still certified by a prestigious German office (TUV SUD). The duration of acceleration, maximum speed and height are adjusted according to the customers. Everyone can therefore enjoy a unique experience.